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Select Best Glass Stands for your Kitchen

Select Best Glass Stands for your Kitchen 1200 1200 Maxware Household

Plastic glass stands, also known as plastic glass holders or glass racks, are handy accessories commonly used in restaurants, and even at home to store and organize drinking glasses, such as water glasses, Mugs, and cocktail glasses. FS Glass Stand is made from durable plastic and come in various colors to accommodate different glass types and storage needs.

FS Glass Stand by Maxware Household is designed to keep glassware organized and easily accessible. They help prevent glasses from clinking against each other and potentially getting chipped or damaged.

FS Glass stand is space-efficient and can help you make the most of your available storage space, whether in a kitchen or restaurant. It may be mounted on the wall or set on the dining table or kitchen counter. Spice boxes and other items can also be placed on top. The rack can accommodate up to six glasses. It catches water in a tray that can be readily emptied through the reasonable hollow surface at the bottom. Lightweight but well-crafted, as well as multifunctional.

FS Glass Stand 2 is portable and simple to assemble. Small, space-saving glass holder that may be simply moved from one location to another. Lightweight but well-crafted. Glass may be readily supported. The portable stand complements the dinnerware. Water collects in a tray and can be readily emptied.

Maxware Household is currently offering two variants of FS Glass Stand

FS Glass Stand 1
FS Glass Stand 2

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